Instantly join real-time chats with a group in one location such as school, conference, lecture, or event.  Just set to a small listening radius appropriate for the occasion.  No registration, no hash tags, no fuss.

Advisory:  DO NOT POST AT HOME.  Only post in public places.

Posting Messages:  you can only post messages to a device verified location.  All posts are permanent and are tagged with your handle, time, and location.

Chat View:  the chat view in portrait mode shows all posted messages within your listening cirlce and allows you to post messages (if your device was able to determine your location).  The chat is real time and changes dynamically as you move.  Press the  "Radar" button in the upper right to change your the radius of your listening circle. 

v1.2.2 has ghosting mode which helps explain what Indalo does.  There was a lot of confusion in the past what the Indalo chat application was all about, hopefully this new version helps bring clarity to the situation.

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Ghosting:  turn the iPhone sideways and move the map to view the chats from any location, or "ghosted locations".

While ghosting, you can also change the radius in of your listening circle  with the settings button in the top right corner.

The upper left button allows you to go into map navigation mode, to make it easier to move around the map and zoom in and out.

Remember, all posts are public, permanent, and can be seen by anyone with either a large enough listening radius or in ghost mode.

Future versions will allow ghosted messages along with other yet to be announced features.


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